4 Secrets of Water Bottles No One Wants You to Know

We all drink water from plastic bottles, but do you know what dark secrets are under the cap?


Why Kombucha should be your drink of choice this summer

Do you remember your first impression of kombucha? Have you ever tried it?


This Grape-free Wine Is Made In A Laboratory

Ava Winery wants to recreate vino, molecule by molecule


These Gadgets Prove People Really Want to Keep Their Beer Cold

As the hottest months of the year are fast approaching,  Cool Materials wants to make a small Public Service Announcement to their readers.


Lubanzi, A Wine Label With A Social Conscience

Some of the proceeds from Lubanzi wines, which are imported South Africa, goes to help the vineyard workers and their families.


Cape Town Coffee Guide

We drank a lot of coffee during a caffeine-fueled month in Cape Town, South Africa. Find out our picks for 10 cafes serving some of the best coffee in Cape Town plus 2 bonus picks.


Why You Should Skip The Sugary Drink With Your Burger

Tests found that having a sugar-laden soda with a high-protein meal resulted in more fat storage than the same food with a sugar-free beverage.


More Than Margaritas: National Tequila Day Stirs Up New Recipes…

FARGO ? For some, tequila is the mean culprit responsible for crazy nights, nasty hangovers, celebratory shots and everything in between. But Anthony Dub, general manager at Vinyl Taco, says it doesn'


Where To Drink On National Tequila Day 2017 In LA

Where to drink on National Tequila Day 2017 in LA, including Gracias Madre, The Doheny Room, Catch LA, Beauty & Essex, The Larchmont and Winsome.


What Wine To Drink When You’re Cooking With Sherry

A simple chicken recipe gets even better when paired with wine suggested by Oyster Bah sommelier Nate Redner.

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