Forget Gin, This Summer It’s All About Port and Tonic


Chanel Acquires Third Bordeaux Estate


The Truth About Peated Whisky And Phenols

Lovers of heavily peated whiskies typically swoon over the high phenol levels present in their favourite drams, often quoting an impressive-sounding figure in phenol parts per million (ppm). And yet w


South African Wineries Juice Up Their Chenin Blanc Into White Blends

Andrea Mullineux Chenin Blanc is having a moment with New York sommeliers. However, in countries where it never fell out of fashion -- S...


San Julian lives on as Chilo Taqueria in Plein Street

Popular Cape Town restaurant San Julian closed its doors last month after 8 years of business.


Two Of Scotland’s Most Famous lost Distilleries To Be Revived By Diageo

Two "lost" Scotch whisky distilleries are set to be revived with a major investment more than 30 years after they were shut down.


Joburg’s First 100 Percent Bartender Owned Craft Bar To Open In Melville

It’s a buzz of activity at the site of a new high-end mixology bar in Melville, scheduled to open here at the end of October.  


11 Important Cocktail Making Techniques Every Bartender Should Know

These are most important bartending techniques. From stirring to shaking to garnishing to straining, you're about to learn them all.


Plastic Free Grocery Store to open in Cape Town`s East City

Environmentally friendly shopping is slowly filtering through to Cape Town.


Word on the Street. A New Brandy Bar To Open Off Kloof Street

What’s hailed as Cape Town’s next great cocktail bar will open its doors later next month as award-winning mixologist extraordinaire, Kurt Schlechter, welcomes patrons to his Brandy-centric bar named, Cause & Effect.

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