Cape Town Is Set To Run Out Of Water In Less Than One Hundred Days

Is climate change to blame?


People Who Drink Tea Are More Creative, Study Claims


Why Coffee Naps Will Perk You Up More Than Either Coffee, Or Naps, Alone

We've all had a cup of coffee after a nap. But maybe we've been doing it all wrong. Maybe we should put the cup of coffee before the nap. It sounds counterintuitive.


These Cannabis-infused Sodas Will Take You Higher With Each Sip

As dispensaries pop up across the country, you can not only smoke, eat, and vape your weed, now you can even drink it.


This Is What Happens To Your Body During Dry January


Drunk Droning Now Illegal In New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a law on Monday making it illegal to fly an unmanned drone aircraft after too many drinks, a spokesman said on the Republican's last day in office.


Drunken Bar Fight Looks Set To Be The Best Virtual Reality Video Game Yet

Think Virtual Reality Sucks? 'Drunken Bar Fight' Is Going To Change All Of That


One Artist’s life-changing Morning Drink

Every day, instead of coffee, Ana Kras drinks a chai latte of adaptogenic herbs, an ancient way to fortify the body against maladies.


Betty White, 95, Credits Hot Dogs And Vodka For Her Old Age

The actress is nearing 96, an age she's reached with the help of hot dogs, vodka and a sunny outlook. We break down why Betty's seemingly bad habits have kept her happy and healthy for nearly a centur


Seven Hip Cocktail Ingredients You’ll See In 2018

We’ve spoken to some of London’s top bartenders for their input on the coming year’s most hip cocktail ingredients. Here’s what to look out for.

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