Six Rules For Sommeliers And Other Wine Servers

With every second Cape Town restaurants now priding itself on having the services of a sommelier, it has become evident that some laying claim to this title were created more equal than others – with respect to George Orwell, who also knew a thing or two about restaurants as well as dictatorial pigs.


Time for SA Pinot Noir to Get Recognition it Deserves

Speaking on CapeTalk radio recently, one of the foreign judges flown out for the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show said the quality of the Pinot Noir category surprised her.


Why Terroir isn’t Everything – It’s the Only Thing

Once one stops asking questions in the world of wine, you might as well admit that your time in this most wonderful of cultural, scientific and agricultural arenas is over.


The Vineyard Revolutionary That Is Neil Ellis

There is one thing a wine maker cannot learn or buy or initiate, and it is not something he or she is born with, either. This is a gift given after you have ear


Jay McInerney Speech at Celebration of Chardonnay

The sixth De Wetshof Celebration of Chardonnay was held last week on De Wetshof Estate in Robertson. Now one of the world’s leading Chardonnay events, this ye


Now Wine Must Fall

Special Correspondent The attention given to the South African wine industry by the imperialist media and the Western Cape Government proves that wine is a r


10 Boring Wine Issues Worth Ignoring

Those scouring the comments and missives on the South African wine industry should be bored of hearing about the following, and plead for more effort in thinking-up fresher, more relevant topics than:


Vondeling’s Sweet Birds of Youth and Age

I have spent so much time having fun at Vondeling in the Voor-Paardeberg that the absolute quality of its wines passed me by. Raucous bouts of judging potjiekos competitions, ball-clacking boules tou


The Only Price, is the Right Price

Most of the recent rantings about South Africa’s wine-pricing have flown higher than my comprehension level, but these opinions, too, have missed a basic and elementary point. Namely, the only


Controversy Brewing over South African Tea Wines

Granted, negotiating the wilderness of the north plus a three-day full-moon trance party has had me off the map for a while.

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