Afternoon Tea Is A Phoney, Anachronistic Sham. It?s Time To Abolish It

Invented by a Victorian duchess, afternoon tea ? don?t confuse it with high tea ? is a fixture of Hong Kong menus, but it?s just a marketing gimmick whose time is past, Andrew Sun argues


From Dim Sum Lunches To Fine Italian Fare, Hong Kong Restaurant Picks Of A Property Firm Founder

Victoria Allan loves Japanese and Italian food and knows where to take city visitors to make an impression


Delicious Hainan Chicken Rice At Thai Princess By Maya Kitchen, Sheung Wan, For Only Us$7.90

The chicken was tender and moist, cooked to perfection, with dipping sauces that added a nice spicy kick. But we suggest going at lunch to avoid disappointment over missing ingredients


Alon Shaya Cookbook A Non-kosher Salute To Israeli Cuisine

Even if you haven’t dabbled in illicit herbs, the chapter aimed at those who have will definitely leave you with the munchies


After Demystifying Sichuan Food For Westerners, British Author Finds Audience In China

Fuchsia Dunlop, a James Beard Award winner, has written a series of books on Chinese cuisine, and now one has finally been published in mainland China


Not Martini Or Manhattan

As classic cocktails make a comeback, Spanish bar The Wise King, in Central, adds a fresh spin to the precursor of the martini

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How To Make Cheesecake

A light and gooey Basque version or heavy and dense New York style – choose your own cheesy adventure


Famous For Its Whisky, Maker Suntory Goes Back To Its Wine Roots

The third largest manufacturer of spirits started life as a wine merchant and is rediscovering its history more than a century after it was founded


Chinese Regional Cuisine: Shunde Food, And Where Best To Eat It In Hong Kong

Shunde in southern China is blessed with a wide selection of fish, and three of the most popular ? mud carp, ju and grass carp ? are used in traditional fish paste, hotpot and congee


Omg, Valley Girl Heaven In Hong Kong ? The Tacos At Mexican Restaurant Te Quiero Mucho

From The Trump to the carnitas to the wagyu beef version, the tacos at this new Sheung Wan restaurant are the best in Hong Kong. The tostadas more than pass muster too

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