Alcohol Will Be Replaced With Synthetic Alternative

A TOP scientist said synthetic alcohol called alcosynth will replace real alcohol in just 10 or 20 years.


Trick To Being Served First In A Packed Pub

A SIX-DEEP bar queue can be a nightmare to negotiate, with even the most determined drinker forced to wait their turn to get served.


Photos Show How Bad Prosecco Is For You

SHOCKING pictures reveal the devastating effect prosecco can have on your teeth.


We’re All Clueless When It Comes To Booze

DRUNK people have no idea how wasted they are — and Aussie scientists reckon they have the data to proved it.


10 Places To Try In Millers Point

ONCE a haven for hardworking wharfies, today Millers Point has a much more genteel clientele — but they still love their tucker. Why not pop over and see why.


Come Bearing Drinks This Christmas

IF you are off to a relative’s or friend’s place for Christmas Day celebrations there are some goodies you need to bring if you are to be considered a good guest, a silly season study has found.


So What Does The New Coke Taste Like?

COCA-Cola Australia revealed their new flavour overnight, and it’s going to make raspberry fans very happy.


Australia, You Are Drinking Your Tea All Wrong



Study: Healthy To Drink Four Cups Of Coffee A Day

GOOD news, coffee drinkers!


Coke’s Next Big Aussie Move

COCA-COLA’S famous Christmas Truck has toured the UK for the last seven years.

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