Have a third Margarita because Tequila’s great for your bones

Tequila is good for a lot of things—like getting totally blitzed and inducing deathly hangovers. But while tequila is essentially fun, tasty poison, the plant that it’s made from could have some surprising health benefits.



Cold Brew Tastes Better With Brandy

Tommy's cold brew is part iced coffee, part hard liquor.


What Happened When A Brewery Fed Its Beer 11 Days Of Heavy Metal Music

It was the craft brewery’s 666th batch of beer.


Wine Hackers Are Making Wine Without Grapes

This is how Northern California startup Ava winery is sidestepping grapes and fermentation entirely—and trying to replicate Dom Pérignon.


This Company Wants You to Eat Beer

Other than correcting someone’s pronunciation of a foreign word, there may not be a faster way to feel superior than eating a granola bar—and it works in so many situations.


Why Teenagers Aren’t Drinking Alcopops Anymore

The sickeningly sweet, pre-mixed concoctions were everywhere come the turn of the millennium, but today’s teenage drinkers are immune to the alcopop's allure.


Bad News for People Who Love Coffee and Loud Music

Is there any better antidote to a big, loud night out than sitting alone in your silent kitchen and sipping on coffee?


A Bangkok Bar is Building a Temple to Tequila and Mezcal

A few years ago, drinking mezcal in Bangkok was about as improbable as Donald Trump running for president. Well, things change.


Thailand’s Dirt-Cheap Moonshine Is Going Upscale in Bangkok

Ya dong is a potent Thai liquor sold at street stalls for a pittance. But it's increasingly showing up in fancier renditions in Bangkok's bars and restaurants.

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