The 12 Best Coffee Machines To Buy In 2018

Dodge the queues and the expense of shop-bought coffee in 2018.


One Pot ‘biryani’ Made With Uncle Ben’s Rice Is An Insult To All Biryani

You don't need quick hacks to make biryani.


Pass Us A Knife And The Butter: Giant Hot Cross Buns Are A Thing

Each bun consists of 916 calories.


Iceland Is Launching Its Own ‘bleeding’ Vegan Burger That You Can Cook At Home

You cut me open and I...


Pret Is Giving Away 300,000 Free Hot Drinks

But it wants you to pass them on.


It Takes 15 Minutes Of Burpees To Burn Off A Creme Egg, But That’s Not The Point

All food is fuel. It's just that some tastes better than others.


What Is Tofu?

Bean there, done that.


Millennials Are Calling For The Return Of Milkmen So They Can Go Plastic Free

Mixing the old with the new.

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A Cafe Is Selling Creme Egg And Ferrero Rocher Cheesecakes Inside Easter Eggs

Because there's never enough chocolate.


Try To Remain Calm, But Cadbury Is Now Doing A Limited Edition Caramel Twirl Bar


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