Please Enjoy This Instagram Account Dedicated To Boys Posing With Bread

We might have to become master bakers


Asda Launches New Vegan Range That’s Perfect For Your Lunchbox

It's a (vegan) supermarket sweep.


Goodfella’s Is Launching The Uk’s First Ever Mainstream Vegan Frozen Pizza

It's an interesting flavour choice, we'll give them that.


A Vegan Chinese Restaurant Is Now Open In London

Guys, they do vegan boiled egg. Yas!


Drinking A Cup Of Tea Could Make You More Creative

Down a cuppa before your next brainstorming sesh.


This Restaurant Is So Hipster Its Prices Are Written As Times Of The Day

I'll have pesto nuts at 03:00


Boots Launches Brand New Vegan Lunch Options

And yes, they're in the meal deal.


KFC Launches A Questionable Range Of Gravy-infused Cocktails

It often feels like they’re in constant competition with Domino’s for who can come up with the most ‘you what, son?’ publicity stunt.


Blue Algae Mermaid Croissants Might Sound Gross But Look Incredibly Moreish

Because who wouldn't want to eat a bright blue pastry?


Please Don’t Forget That Veganism Hasn’t Always Been A White, Middle Class Thing

We should stop veganism being whitewashed like yoga.

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