Starbucks Has Launched Sushi Burritos And They Look Fantastic

You'll need two hands to eat it - and we're totally on board with that.


Make your rough night out look pretty with Pink Tequila

We all know that unless you’re some kind of tequila connoisseur (if you are, cool. Let’s be friends), shots of tequila are simply the go-to way to ramp a night out up a few notches.


What Is Bangladeshi Cuisine? Classic Spices, Staples And Desserts Of Bangladesh

We hope you can handle spicy food...


These sustainable coffee cups are made from actual coffee

Drinking three cups of coffee a day could add years to your life, but let’s not forget that only one in 400 disposable coffee cups in the UK is recycled, and there’s also evidence that decaf coffee could be destroying the ozone layer.


There’s A Stranger Things Popup That Lets You Sip Cocktails In The Upside Down

Complete with Eggo waffles.


You Can Now Buy Truffle Gin

The mushroom type - not chocolate.


Get Your Spoons Out: Ben And Jerry’s Has Unveiled A New ‘topped’ Ice Cream Range

Our mouths are watering already.


You Can Now Drink Rosé From Capri Sun-like Cartons And Life Is Good Again

You can get boozy and nostalgic all in one. Result.


Doughnut Snack Packs Are Australia’s Latest Disgusting Dessert Creation

One serving of sugar, please.


Taco Bell Now Sells A Breakfast Taco With A Fried Egg For A Shell

Eggcellent news.

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