Chef Vivian Howard’s Summer Trip To France Is #vacationgoals

Because if you're not taking private cooking classes with Patricia Wells, what are you even doing?


There’s A New Apple In Your Grocery Store

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These Chefs Just Want To Recreate The Magic Of Dipping French Fries Into A Frosty

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Why A Sheet Cake Is Better Than Any Expensive Wedding Cake

I got my wedding cake at Costco, and so should you.


The Indian Snacks That I’ll Have Over Doritos Any Day

Eat a few of these, and you will want to upturn the whole bag into your mouth.


Trader Joe’s Takes On La Croix With 4 New Sparkling Water Flavors

Watch out, pamplemousse.


3 Cocktails That Prove Kombucha And Booze Are Made For Each Other

Ditch the sugary juices and make kombucha your mixer instead.


Why Everybody Loooves Dole Whip

What is in that stuff, anyway?


This Is The Best Non-stick Pan We’ve Ever Used

Attention scrambled egg lovers: you need this.


In Memoriam: All The Untouched Food On ‘the Bachelorette’

Romances were kindled, hearts were broken, one proposal was accepted—and dozens of stunning dinners went uneaten.

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