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There Is A South African Wine With Your Name On It

Sometimes you just have to judge a wine by its label, especially when it comes to special celebrations or occasions.


Everything You Need To Know About Pinot Grigio

The Drinks Business compiled a concise guide to one of the world’s most popular grapes, including some facts that may surprise even the most committed drinkers of Pinot Grigio.


The Craft Beer Labels That Are Works Of Art

Independent brewers haven’t just ripped up the rules on flavour – they have transformed beer packaging, too. Labels and cans are mini masterpieces – and the new aesthetic is asexual, inclusive and urban.


Celebrate summer all year long with this Dirty Iced Tea

Everyone has an idea of what an alcoholic iced tea is and it usually begins and ends with Long Island. This cocktail recipe has all of those flavours in a brand new package.


Susan bids Vrede en Lust farewell after 11 years at the winemaking helm

It is with sadness but great appreciation that we say goodbye to our head winemaker of 11 years, Susan Erasmus, at the end of this month.


Black Eagle Brewing Flies the Flag for Cork on the Craft Beer Scene

The craft-beer wave has been enveloping South Africa for a few years now. And it was only a matter of time before local brewers recognised the added-value proposition of closing their brew with a natural cork – just as some of the finest European brewers have been doing for centuries.


The Many Names Of Chardonnay


Coca-cola Offers A Sweet Quest: A Million Bucks To Replace Sugar

The company is holding a contest to find a new and natural, low-calorie sweetener. The challenge comes at a time when many Americans are cutting back on sugar due to obesity and diabetes risks.


Kendall Jenner Finally Addresses Her Highly Controversial Pepsi Advert

Kendall Jenner was one of the only people who did not respond to her Pepsi advert. The reality TV star remained deafeningly tongue-tied while the commercial was eviscerated in countless think-pieces,


Heineken Slows Spending As Recession Dries Up Its Leading Beer Market

Heineken, the largest brewer in Europe, is exposed to a deepening recession in its largest beer market.


A Guide To Guadalajara, Mexico

Go beyond the coast in Mexico with a trip to Guadalajara. The city in the western Mexican state of Jalisco has much to offer as


German Barman Breaks World Record After Carrying 27 Litres Of Beer

German barman Oliver Strumpfel (pictured) set a Guinness world record when he carried 27 steins weighing 110lb (50kg) a distance of 131ft (40m) without spilling more than a few drops yesterday.


Holden Manz Launches New Chenin Blanc And Rosé

White wine is tricky. However, this Franschhoek winery has launched two wines that will help you enjoy something other than red this spring.


Dunnet Bay Distillers Unveils Autumn Edition Rock Rose Gin

Scottish gin distillery Dunnet Bay Distillers has released its latest seasonal line called Autumn Edition Rock Rose gin.


Pairing Gin And Food For Taste Adventure

Local chef takes guests on a taste adventure by pairing craft gin and food.


Input Costs, Ads Eat Into Clover’s Profit

The costs of promoting new products, coupled with sharp increases in fuel and other input costs, had a negative impact on ...


Dunnet Bay Distillers Unveils Autumn Edition Rock Rose Gin

Scottish gin distillery Dunnet Bay Distillers has released its latest seasonal line called Autumn Edition Rock Rose gin.


Bombay Sapphire Takes Botanical Focus To Amsterdam

Bacardi Global Travel Retail has unveiled a new summer campaign that ?brings to life? Bombay Sapphire?s botanical journey at Amsterdam?s Schiphol Airport


Distell Launches Travel-exclusive Bunnahabhain Edition; Revamps Bain?s Cape Mountain Whisky

The new Bunnahabhain An Cladach edition joins the brand?s two other travel retail exclusives, while Bain?s Cape Mountain Whisky features a new label.


Gears Of Biz


Hidden Treasures Exhibition To Mark Heritage Month

African artwork not displayed for over 20 years will be on show at this year’s Hidden Treasures exhibition at the National ...


Bgasc Metals

In May we asked Will Fear or Greed Prevail During the Trump Administration? It seems that since the spring, both fear and greed are riding high.


High-flying Native …

Accomplished fashion designer Craig Native has been appointed as the face of the premium drinks brand Bisquit Cognac.


Christian Talent In Nescafe Basement

Faraz Nayyer born in Lahore, Punjab. His love for music was evident from a very early age, He is a versatile singer & composer with a very soothing voice


Fanta Teams Up With Nora For «fanta X You»

The collection is now available at YME, a lifestyle and fashion boutique in Oslo.


Eggstraordinary Experience

The Grande Roche, that little piece of genteel Bavaria in...


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