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Australians Have Developed a Beer That You Can Drink in Space

In July 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong went to the moon with a Buzz. And pretty soon, so can you.


WAFF to offer wine, art, and food at Freedom Park in Pretoria

The Wine Art Food Festival (WAFF) will be held at the Freedom Park in Pretoria on 5 May 2018. For a second year in a row, WAFF will gather South African wine farms, up-and-coming artists, and a handful of Gauteng’s pop-up food stalls.


De Grendel Harvest 2018: From strength to strength

Life can sometimes throw you a curveball, but often, the challenge isn’t as daunting as it initially seems, and can pleasantly surprise you.


#onthebigscreen: Scandal, Stalkers, Sex And Live Theatre

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House, The Strangers: Prey at Night, Early Man, Blockers and Julius Caesar open at local cinemas this week.

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Five Ways To Become A More Eco-friendly Traveller

If you want to join the sustainable travel movement, but don't really know where to start, it's easier than you think.


13 Industry Pros Share Their Advice For New Bartenders

One of the most common questions asked by new bartenders is “What should I do to become successful?” or “It’s my first shift behind the bar, what do I need to know and what should I focus on?

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#royalwedding Beer For Prince Harry And Meghan

Cheers to the #RoyalWedding with this very special brew


Meet The New Lindt Fruit Sensation Range

The Lindt Fruit Sensation range has arrived on South African shores, and we are thrilled to indulge in these dark chocolate and fruity balls of bliss.


Autumn Baking: Four Delicious Bakes Perfect For Teatime

Roasty, toasty spices and warm flavours don't just extend to savoury dishes. Try these 4 beautiful recipes full of autumn inspiration.


How Plant-based Lifestyles Can Impact Your Health

A plant-based diet is a diet based on foods derived from plants


Afrikaburn: A Guide To Planning Your Meals & Eating Cleverly

Heading to the desert for Afrikaburn? Awesome. You’re in for a life-changing experience. Don't forget you'll need to eat (yes you will!). This is our guide.


9 Amazing Restaurants You Should Probably Follow On Instagram


One Year After Jenner Ad Crisis, Pepsi Recovers But Purchase Consideration Hasn’t


Recipe: Brandy Cocktail

The perfect autumn drink to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.


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