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How to make a Klipdrift Gold Serenity like a Pro

With a rich history dating back more than 300 years, it stands to reason that brandy has been used in many a vintage cocktail.


Restaurant launches vodka-infused pizza

Ordering a cocktail at a bar and then having to go to a pizzeria to get your pie fix sounds exhausting. One Philadelphia restaurant has figured out a way to streamline the tiresome process by combining the two.


Just When You Thought A Pint Couldn’t Get Any Better, Beer Foam Art Is Here

Brace yourselves bartenders, beer foam art is here. Joining edible glitter as the newest trend to hit the beer world, a U.S. company is banking on the concept being as popular in bars as it has been in specialty coffee shops.


This Sustainable, Trump-tariff-hiked Budweiser’s For You

But cans could cost more due to President Trump's tariffs are implemented


Mad: Corona’s Extra, Familiar Brands Highlighted In New Work

Developed with the community, the Corona Familiar campaign promotes the beverage's expansion from 32-ounce to new 12-ounce bottles. Extra ads express Spanlish messages.


Wine Labels Are Little White Lies With Enormous Implications

We pretend that we know what a wine will taste like based on the bottle and its label but, in reality, nothing could be more untrue.


The Barista League Kicks Off The 2018 Season This Saturday In Oslo

The Barista League: Oslo takes place Saturday, March 24th at Espresso Spesialisten.


The Pagan Origins Of Toasting (really?)

Pre-Christian yes, but calling it pagan seems a bit heathen. Here's a brief history of the tradition of toasting and its origins in Georgia.


At Happy Baristas In Berlin, They Can Nitro That

Happy Baristas in Berlin, Germany.


World Water Day: How To Get Involved And Make A Difference

There are plenty of ways to get involved.


The Bordeaux Report

As En Primeur begins, we look at how Bordeaux is maintaining its grip on the wine world. Read the latest wine news & features on wine-searcher


These Teams Are Competing To Create Devices That Can Extract Water From Thin Air

These devices must generate a minimum of 2,000 litres of water a day.


Hop Take: Neipas Get Their Due, And Reddit Has A Day

The Brewers Association finally codifies hazy, juicy IPAs. Plus Reddit bans its beer trading channel, and beer foam art is the innovation no one asked for.


Wente “eric’s Chardonnay”

This unoaked Chardonnay is loaded with tropical and citrus fruits, with a steel backbone. Drink with poached sole. Highly Recommended. 91 points.


New Louisiana Bill: Allow 19- And 20-year-olds To Drink, Buy Alcohol

A new Louisiana bill, proposed by Sen. Eric LaFleur, would allow younger adults to legally purchase and consume alcohol with a certificate.


Gravity-defying Machine Looks Like Magic — But There’s A Scientific Answer

Defying gravity.


Heineken And Decernis Launch The New Standard In Food Contact Materials Supplier Compliance Management

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Decernis LLC (http://www.decernis.com), the leading provider of technology...


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