South Africa is celebrating with the announcement that the locally produced Van Ryn’s 20-year-old potstill brandy has been awarded World’s Best Wine Brandy at the 2022 World Brandy Awards.


Ouma Pottie was the queen of bacon ball recipes. She was also the queen of brandy. She poured a glass of brandy just as I like it today – straight up and on the rocks. She had a thing for a good bottle of South African Brandy. No matter the time of day, week or month, she will always have a little bit of Olof Bergh or something slightly more upmarket stashed away in the back of her wardrobe cupboard. “You never know what the day might bring”, she used to say, pouring a dash in her tumbler before missioning to the kitchen to make a batch of her famous brandy bacon balls.


This article is for all the die hard Hennessy fans who believe the mass-produced cognac, made by the world’s largest liquor producer, is the be-all and end-all spirit of the world. All cognac is brandy, but not all brandy is cognac. You know this, right? You don’t? Oh, dear! Read this first and then decide if you are ready to push the bottle of same-old foreign cognac aside and try something new, something local, something…dare I say, better?


Dust of the brandy and use it to make this super simple and tasty sweet potato dish. This recipe is a favourite among the citizens of South Africa and mostly served as a side with roasted meat, chicken and fish. Try it with Cape Snoek! You will thank me later.





Have you ever wondered what death and decay smell like? Tamworth Distilling based in New Hampshire has crafted a brandy that smells like a corpse.



MASAU Wooded Brandy has been awarded a prestigious BRONZE MEDAL in the BRANDY Category and the New Brand Launch – Design & Packaging – at the International Spirits Challenge 2020. The accolade followed a rigorous judging process that saw more than 50 category experts gather for an intense blind tasting session.