Gadget tests your drink for date rape drugs

A new electronic device and mobile app called (Personal Drink ID), aims to help prevent sexual assaults that occur after a victim has been unknowingly drugged.


Supermodel Christie Brinkley Promotes New Organic and Sugar-Free Wine Brand

Supermodel Christie Brinkley loves sparkling wine. In fact, she adores the bubbly beverage so much she went ahead and started her own brand of delicious sparkling organic wine called Bellisima.


Jennifer Aniston up in arms over fiancé`s booze-free wedding suggestion

Justin Theroux is pushing for a non-alcoholic wedding to Jennifer to encourage her to cut down on drinking but sources allege that she’s not keen.


Coke thinks designer milk could be a billion-dollar brand

In its quest to slake the world’s thirst, Coca-Cola is intent on making milk a billion-dollar brand. But not just any kind of milk.


These Bloody Mary deviled eggs are the perfect Vodka-soaked party snack

Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs might be the best use of eggs since the Pisco Sour!


California Vineyards Now Producing Weed-Infused Wine

As 2014 continues, legal marijuana is becoming more of a reality for many states. As of now, twenty states and Washington D.C. have legalized the plant that former president Bill Clinton was rumored to favor in the White House.


Drink beer too quickly? Opt for straight glasses, not curved

If you find yourself finishing off pints long before your friends are ready for the next round, perhaps you should ask the person behind the bar for a straight glass.


Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

These vegetarian stuffed peppers are delicious, healthy, and made in the microwave.


Back in vogue: It`s time to rediscover vermouth

Are we witnessing global reconquest by wormwood? Artemisia absinthium, the plant known in German as vermut and the chief ingredient in absinthe, is very much back in fashion.


`Fifty Shades` sexes up SA wine

It’s long been known to wine connoisseurs as a sought-after South African wine, but now Klein Constantia’s Vin de Constance is in even higher demand thanks to its mention by EL James in her blockbuster trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey.