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Drew Barrymore Sings To Us About Wine

An interview is at its best when a question provokes the subject to see his or her own life in an unexpected way.


Pairing herbs with wine (part 3)

Making the Freshest Taste Fresher


Why Wine Causes Headaches and How to Avoid Them

If you avoid wine—specifically red wine—because you know it’ll make your head hurt something serious not too long after the first glass, the reason may be simpler than you think,


“Drink” This Cocktail Cloud Through Your Lungs and Eyeballs

The madcap British experiential food design duo Bompas & Parr got their start doing imaginative things with jelly. They’ve since made a career out of such sensory feats as developing the world’s first edible New Year’s Eve fireworks and grilling steaks over molten lava.


Sex and the City Star Is Big on Wine

Chris Noth may be most recognizable for his roles on Law & OrderSex and the City and The Good Wife, but offscreen, the Golden Globe-nominated actor is a nightclub owner and a wine lover.


John Legend claims his wife was the drunkest at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West`s wedding

‘All of Me’ hitmaker John Legend has joked his wife Chrissy Teigen was the ”most drunk” person at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding in May, but admitted ”there was a healthy competition”.


Nothing matures a good wine like music

A German wine grower has begun playing classical music to his wine, claiming it results in better quality wine with more body and richer aroma.


How to Drink Beer and Do Yoga at the Same Time

Yoga has the reputation of being for the lean of limb and birdlike of appetite—and not without reason.


Stages of deciding to open a bottle of wine alone and drinking the entire thing

Deciding to open a bottle of wine when you’re alone is a process.


What Exactly is Fermented Mare’s Milk from Mongolia?

Airag is fermented mare’s milk with a slight alcoholic content.  It dates back to the Mongol times when traditionally guests in a nomadic ger would be offered a bowl of airag along with a plate of dairy treats.