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Americans are just getting fatter despite the drop in soda sales

For years doctors and politicians have tried to curb the American thirst for sugary sodas.


SA wine ranks sixth in China

South African wines were sixth in order of popularity in the small but growing Chinese market, winemaker and consultant John Weekes, who has been working in the country, said at a seminar in Stellenbosch on Thursday.


Is White Wine the Secret to Perfect Tempura?

Tempura in America and tempura in Japan are two very different creatures.


Nicki Minaj to break the booze glass ceiling with Moscato deal

As if a million interviews calling out the double standard weren’t enough, Nicki Minaj is determined to do her part for the feminist cause by going where no female rapper has gone before:


Vegan breakfast tacos with scrambled tofu

This breakfast may look tricky to whip up from the refines of your workspace’s kitchen, but with a little preparation, you’ll have these recipes down in no-time.


Cheetahs in Wine Country

Tourists traveling in the Cape Town area of South Africa often make the scenic drive through wine country, which is where Cheetah Outreach is located.


Wine stored badly ages four times faster

WINE kept in a dark room at home ages faster than when stored in a professional cellar, scientists have found.


Folk band Mumford and Sons to make own whisky

Folk band Mumford and Sons are reportedly planning on producing their own whisky.

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How To Make The Ultimate Winter Drinks

Cafeteria chains are offering more seasonal drinks such as hot chocolate Black Forest, Spiced Chai Latte or Cappuccinos gingerbread and, judging by the queues at Costa and Starbucks, which are very popular.


Red Wine Will Give You a Worse Hangover Than White Wine

If you’re a savvy tippler, you already know the best time to buy booze and where.