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Why Trusting Wine Reviews From Minors Isn`t Smart

I’m fully aware of the need of scientists and researchers to confirm what appears obvious to most people.


Set Your Holiday Punch on Fire, Charles Dickens Style

There are few things that are more Dickensian than a bowl of punch.


Gin Is Healthy! Let`s Drink All The Gin

We’ve all heard a glass of red wine is actually good for you, but what about when you fancy something lighter? A spirit perhaps?


How to order wine on a date when you know nothing

Despite the hoards of articles online touting “Fun Date Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With Drinking,” let’s be realistic… most dates you go on in your 20s will involve alcohol.


How tequila could be key in our battle against climate change

Agave — the cactus-like plant which forms the base ingredient of tequila — has a nocturnal ‘body clock’ which allows it to ‘breathe’ at night and withstand the driest of conditions, new research has shown.


2014 FIFA World Cup seats will be made of Coke bottles

2014 FIFA World Cup partner Coca-Cola has launched a sustainability project to collect and recycle plastic (PET) bottles.


Scientists Have Developed A Fourth Type Of Chocolate…and It’s Millennial Pink!


Scientists at the Swiss chocolatiers, Barry Callebaut, have just invented a totally new type of creamy goodness – and it’s pink.


Amarula golden Glow


Thinking Outside the Bottle – Are Kegs The Future For Wine?

After Free Flow Wine’s business model stopped working, it reinvented itself. When it ran up against a Prohibition-era regulation, it convinced Florida to rewrite the law.


3 Cheese Bolognese Pasta

Three Cheese Bolognese Pasta is a wonderful winter treat that will have your family wiping the sides of their bowls. Its also rather quick and simple to make.

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